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Cairns Termite Treatment

Cairns termite treatment by Pestaway Pest Management can be applied to prevent an infestation or to eradicate one! We’re the pest professionals and offer effective Cairns termite treatment for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

As one of the few professional businesses in town to combine Cairns pest control and building inspection expertise, Pestaway have an in depth knowledge of termite behavior and treatment. We’re able to locate, identify and exterminate, providing property owners with peace of mind.

Cairns termite treatment and prevention of termites

There are several options for Cairns termite treatment and prevention of termites. Our technicians use Termidor for colony control and chemical soil treatments around the home. Termidor provides fast, effective and long term elimination of termites and ants. Its advantages include:

  • Unequalled termite control
  • Fast elimination of termite activity
  • Long-term residual control
  • Low dose, low repellent, water based
  • No effect on soil micro-organisms, earth worms and plants
  • Safe to use in all domestic and commercial situations
  • Non-toxic

Termidor has been successfully used on over 200,000 homes across Australia, since being introduced to the market in 2002. Why is it so successful? Termidor embraces the termites own social behaviors and use these against them, in what they call the ‘Transfer Effect’.

In this way, whenever a single termite comes into contact with Termidor, it transfers it back to the colony, passing it on to others, before succumbing to it itself. Rather than repel the termites as a ‘barrier’, it infects the individual, who then transfers to the colony before dying. This makes Termidor far more effective than barriers or baiting.

Pestaway Pest Management use Termidor for their Cairns termite treatment, providing proven protection against all subterranean termite entry. Treatment generally takes less than a day and should be followed up with inspections every 12 months, for best protection and peace of mind.

For more information, or to book one of our Cairns termite treatments, contact the team at Pestaway today on (07) 4055 1055 or

Why choose us1
Locally owned and operated, with building and pest inspection and eradication expertise.
Why choose us2
Our Cairns termite treatments are non toxic, suitable for domestic and commercial situations.
Why choose us3
Unequalled termite control, using Termidor, Australia’s best termite protection.
Why choose us4
Fast elimination of termite activity and long term residual control.
Why choose us5
No effect on soil micro-organisms, earth worms and plants.
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