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Cairns Ant Control

Cairns ant control services from Pestaway Pest Management are fast, effective and safe, for use at your home, office, restaurant, café, factory or shed. If you’ve got ants, give us a call (07) 4055 1055. Our quotes are free and our technicians are professional ant control experts.

Ant control is a serious issue around Cairns and North Queensland. They are everywhere and once they are ‘in’ your property, they can be quite difficult to remove without professional help. That’s where Pestaway Pest Management come in.

We’re the Cairns ant control experts. Our pest technicians have more than 25 years’ experience.

Our Cairns ant control is safe, environmentally friendly and effectively eradicates a range of different ants, with long term results.

Cairns ant control – Pestaway Procedures

Firstly, we do a thorough assessment of your property, to identify the type of ants and areas of activity and possibly nests. Once this has been completed, we implement treatment to not only eradicate the ants, but to keep them away in the long term.

The effects are instant, with a large ant ‘die off’ occurring pretty much immediately. This is followed by other ants from the colony dying over time.

Ants and ant infestations can happen anywhere, at any time, although generally speaking, their activity becomes higher during the wet season. If you have an ant problem, call Pestaway today, as our Cairns ant control and treatment is the best way to get rid of problem ants. (07) 4055 1055 |

Why choose us1
Safe, fast and affordable
Why choose us2
Locally owned and operated with more than 25 years’ ant control experience.
Why choose us3
Specialised Cairns ant control technicians. We’ll find them and kill them, safely and quickly.
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Best prices, free quotes and fast service. Catering to Cairns and all surrounding suburbs.
Why choose us5
A team you can trust, using products that are safe for your food, your family and your pets.
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