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Cairns’ pest control specialists are Pestaway Pest Management. Locally owned and operated, we’re highly experienced and accredited, using technology and pest control treatments which are fast, effective, environmentally friendly and safe for your property, people and pets.

We perform our inspections and treatments to levels exceeding national standards. We provide Cairns pest control services for residential, commercial and industrial clients for a range of pests, including but not limited to: termites, cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, fleas and ticks, lice and sandflies, mice and rats, spiders and caterpillar hairs.


Termites are the number one cause of property concern and damage in Cairns and Far North Queensland. No other critter can cause as much damage to a property, as quickly, silently and comprehensively as a termite. What’s worse, often their damage is not covered by insurance. The good news, is that Pestaway can check, treat and eradicate terminates.


Cockroaches are hated by everyone and they always turn up in the worst possible places, like crawling under the ledge and/or cupboard in your kitchen. Don’t panic. Cockroaches are easily treated and eradicated by the friendly team at Pestaway Pest Management, using products that safe for you, your family and pets.


Ants, once they are in, they are pretty hard for you to get out. Ant control by Pestaway Pest Management is fast, effective and cost efficient. It’s also environmentally friendly and completely safe for you, your family and your pets. We can treat ant infestations in your home, office, factory, shed, restaurant or café. Call us today for a free quote (07) 4055 1055.


Bedbugs are commonly found on beds/mattresses and feed on human blood. They are wingless, measuring approximately half a centimeter long, with a flat, oval-shaped body and squat head with large antennae. Living areas favoured by bedbugs include: mattresses, particularly along the seams; bedding, such as sheets and blankets; between the cracks of wooden floors and other flooring like carpet; in wall cracks or crevices; furniture seams and cracks. Best way to get rid of bedbugs, call Pestaway Pest Management on (07) 4055 1055, we use an effective combination of steam cleaning and pesticides. Free quotes. Please note: early identification and treatment will help minimize the impact of a bedbugs’ infestation at your property.

Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and ticks are a constant problem in the tropics, more so leading up to the wet season. Tick paralysis is of particular concern to pets and young children, with initial symptoms possibly including an unsteady gate, weakness of limbs, multiple rashes, headache, fever, flu like symptoms and partial face paralysis. Pestaway Pest Management can help eradicate fleas and ticks from your property, with effective and safe pest control. Free quotes, fast, efficient and safe service.

Book Lice

Book lice, often found in an office environment, do not have sucking mouthparts so do not bite, but their rasping action may cause irritancy. Pestaway Pest Management can inspect, treat and eradicate book lice and any other unwanted pests at your home or office.

Midges or Sandflies

Midges and sandflies will not damage your property, but they can inflect painful bites, which can lead to rashes and skin irritations. Pestaway Pest Management can help reduce the amount of these critters at your property, through identification and treatment. Free quotes. For more information, phone (07) 4055 1055.


Spiders can cause some people to break out in a cold sweat. We’re relatively lucky in Cairns, in that poisonous spiders are not usually a ‘big issue’ when it comes to the home or office. That being said, the white tail spider bite can cause discomfort and a rash. If you’re not happy having eight-legged friends in your premises, then call Pestaway Pest Management today. Free quotes and fast, efficient service.

Mice & Rats

Furry friends are another unwelcome guest at properties around Cairns. Mice and rats do live in the rainforest environment naturally, so it comes as no surprise that sometimes they like to move inside to enjoy the ‘comfort’ of your house, office or restaurant. You can try trapping them yourselves, but if that isn’t working, then call Pestaway Pest Management. We’ll take care of your mice and/or rat problems, quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. ‘Fun’ rat fact: rat teeth are strong enough to nibble through wood, bone, lead piping, brick, concrete, and metal!

Caterpillar Hairs

Processionary caterpillars drop stinging (urticating) hairs as they trail and also around their silken shelters. When the hairs touch the body, a stinging sensation results. This can lead to mild or major irritation, depending on the individual. Pestaway are the Cairns pest control experts and can assist with all types of pests.

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Cairns Pest Control

Cairns pest control services by Pestaway are safe for your property, family, pets and food. We’ll locate and eliminate your pests, providing protection from future attacks. Free quotes. Best service. Phone 4055 1055.

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Termite Inspections

Termite inspections are a must do in Cairns. Comprehensive written and photographic report within 24 hours of service. Pre purchase and pre-sale reports available. Obligation free quotes. Book today.

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Cockroach Pest Control Cairns

Cockroach pest control services by Pestaway, are suitable for residential, commercial and industrial premises, including restaurants, cafes and hotels. We're fast, efficient and discreet.

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