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Preparing for your termite inspection

What to do before an inspection:

  • This is a Visual Termite Inspection. Our Technicians can only visually inspect areas that are accessible. This is relevant to the internal and external areas.We recommend you clear away as much stored goods from in and around the house. This is because we do not move furniture or stored items unless there is an area of particular concern.
  • When tidying the house and yard for our arrival; if there is an area you are concerned has active termites please do not disturb it. Let our office know, or the Technician when they arrive, and we can proceed accordingly.
  • If at any stage you locate active termites; immediately cover back up and call our office to advise. We ask you to cover the termites back up as they require the darkness. If they are disturbed they may relocate, which makes the process of locating them again more difficult.

What to do after the inspection:

  • You will receive a comprehensive written report usually within 24 hours of the inspection. Please read this report thoroughly.
  • Our Technicians will note any areas of concern, or conducive to termite attack. We provide you with as much information as we can, so you yourself can help prevent termites attacking your home.

If we treat active termites

  • We will need to come back in 14 days to ensure the treatment has been effective and the colony is now deceased. Our technician will advise if a follow up appointment is necessary and our office will contact you to arrange.

The above is a rough guide of what may be done. Each Technician, however, uses slightly different methods and areas that do not require treatment may not be done. If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to call our office on 07 4055 1055 to discuss .

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